• Since 2011 Jobbrs is creating remote jobs for creative people from the Balkans, Russian-speaking countries, Latin America and Arab Africa (1.14B population).

    Jobbrs also operates remote incubator for entrepeneurs, buys projects without traction and partners with corporate employees.


    1. Jobbrs is incorporated in Hong Kong.
    2. You can work from anywhere.
    3. The clients are in USA.
    4. We don't have main headquarters.
    5. All work is being organized and done remotely.
    6. All employees are working from home/small office.
    7. Jobbrs is not a recruiting agency, it's a better way of finding the very best people for our studio.


    1. You can work from anywhere, "World Wide Web" is your office. Come online, take a brief, do a great job...that is all we require from you.

    2. No startup mentality! We are opposite to startups where you work until you burn out. We have a 9-5 work mentality (actually 14-22 CET if you are in Europe).

    3. No overtime ever! Free weekends!

    4. Two weeks paid vacation each year and 6 paid days of holidays.

    5. Super hot clients! Read on Mashable or Techcrunch about project you are working on.

    GitLab, Udemy, Tim Ferris, Flippa, CrowdSpring, etc.

    6. Amongst the 10 most valuable brands in the world, we did work for 5.

    (We're talking about work for the US market, not for overseas branches of big brands).

    7. Strong individual culture. We don't see our company as a center of your life. We dislike companies acting as sect or cult. We are just place where you come online and do your work. That's it.

    8. When people leave our company, its for one of two reasons: to start their own company or to move to the West (England, USA, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, etc). We support them in both cases.