• Test duration: 30 minute.
    Feel free to take as much time as you need

    The purpose of this test is to test the ability to spot a client that can bring us more work in the future. When we spot them, we make a personalised offer for a long term collaboration, where our goal often would be agreeing on a part-time or full-time position as the client's designer team.

    In this test, we will present you with a list of 5 previous clients' websites, along with some additional input on our collaboration. Based on the given information (and your assessment), you need to rank them from the one with the highest potential for a long term deal, to the one that's definitely just a one-time job.

    Along with the list, you need to provide us with a short explanation - two or three sentences for each position would be perfect.

    Your prior experience and knowledge have nothing to do with this test. The effort you're putting in, the logical and analytical thinking, common sense and an eye for an opportunity are the only things we score here.

  • Here's a list of fictional clients with fictional description of info we have about them, written by our managers. We randomly selected 5 websites for purposes of this test:

    This business reached out to us to remake their child company's web application, in order to give it a fresh look and implement branding that would make the appearance between the two websites obvious. Communication is okay and they are happy with current progress.

    A client that requested a redesign of his website in order to bring his reputation to a new level and increase the conversion rate. They stated that the budget for this task isn't a problem and that they're more than happy to pay whatever it's needed for the best possible results. After this, they weren't happy with the first design concepts we sent them, and now we're sending them new ones.

    They requested a conversion rate optimised homepage but still aren't sure about redesigning the inner pages. Professional and on-schedule, providing us with a 10 pages long brief and a presentation with their ideas for the layout.

    The owner reached out after hearing that we offer the best design services on the market. Trusts that we can rebuild the whole website perfectly, didn't provide much requirements and doesn't engage much in the process.

    A company that hired us a few times in the past to do work for their clients and where happy with the results. After that, they reached out requesting we make a new website for their own company. Communication was on and off for a few months, and now we're finally in a phase of delivering the first concepts for their new website.

    Friendly reminder: The information provided for each client is just one of the parameters you have to keep in mind. Research the clients further, browse their websites, find out about their past, future and prosperity, and rank them based on all of these factors.


    1. Please write how much time you spent on the task at the top of your email or document

    2. Please write down your solution in proposed format below and email it studio@jobbrs.com with the subject line:
    Your Name and Surname - 207 Eye for business

    3. Please rank the websites in this format: #1 is the best client who could make us the most work in future, #2 is second best one, #3 is in the middle, #4 is second worst one, #5 is the worst one.

    4. Please send solution in format below:

    #1 https://www.thebestwebsite.com/
    Description why you choose them at this spot. Two or three sentences is enough.

    #2 https://www.thesecondbest.com/
    Description why you choose them at this spot. Two or three sentences is enough.

    #3 https://www.themiddleone.com/
    Description why you choose them at this spot. Two or three sentences is enough.

    #4 https://www.thesecondworst.com/
    Description why you choose them at this spot. Two or three sentences is enough.

    #5 https://www.theworstwebsite.com/
    Description why you choose them at this spot. Two or three sentences is enough.