• Location: Banja Luka, RS

    (Remote work is not possible for this position at the moment and it would not be possible for at least the first 2 years. There is a possibility for remote work and work outside our office after that period of time. If you are interested in remote positions, please check other positions at our website.)

    Business hours: Fixed, Monday-Friday 14-22h CET Banja Luka

    Communication: English, Skype, Dropbox

    Type: full-time (8 hours daily)

  • Salary: Full-time (160 hours monthly)
    Start at 900 KM
    Never working overtime and on weekends (Saturday, Sunday)
    Two weeks paid vacation
    6 paid days for holidays

    Payments: Weekly, each Monday
    Payment options: cash, Payoneer

  • Job description:

    1. The only requirement is that you are: intelligent, hard-working, proficient in English, and eager to learn. We will teach you the rest!

    2. We are a global web design company working exclusively with US-based clients. We are in business for 10 years.

    3. This position has two variations and you would be tested for both. Depending on which variation fits you better, you would be hired for that position:

    Sales variation: you would work in our sales process, selling to new clients using our sales system and procedures. You would need to learn and understand how web design business works from the sales side. You would start as an assistant to a person in charge of our sales operations. Required natural skills: quickly understanding existing systems and ready to follow them.

    Production variation: you would work between our existing clients and our designers/developers. This position requires a natural feel and eye for web design. You would learn about web design business from the actual production side. You would start as an assistant to a person in charge of our production operations. Required natural skills: an eye for detail, a good taste in Web design.

    4. Advanced computer skills are more than welcome, but not necessary. By advanced computer skills we mean, you know how to set up and use Dropbox, connect to FTP server, do super simple change in a code editor, etc.

  • Hiring process:

    1. For both variations it is required to pass:

    101 English test (duration: 30 minutes)
    It's a test of business communication with clients in the English language

    After you send test results, please send us your CV with your photo too, as a reply to the email where you send test results.

    2. If you pass 101, we will test you on four additional tests and based on test results suggest better position variation for you:

    202 Visual Design (5-10 minutes)
    203 Conversion Rates (5-10 minutes)
    204 UX (5-10 mins)
    205 Visual Errors (10-20 minutes)

    3. Shortlisted candidates can visit us in our office during our business hours, to see what we do and if it does work for you (duration of visit: 1 hour to 8 hours, depending on if you like it or not).

  • The tests will show you exactly how your typical working day would look like and what kind of tasks you would work on.