• Test duration: 30 minutes.
    Feel free to take as much time as you need.

    Your job is to review websites and suggest clients improvements that would increase conversion rates and user experience.

    The goal is to present to the client in no harsh voice what is wrong with their website.

    You would prepare reviews in a format like this one below:

  • Website review: https://centaur.ag/

    Visual design: 8/10

    Conversion rate: 4/10

    User Experience: 6/10

    Branding: 7/10

    Mobile experience: 7/10

    1. You did great work here with founding your purpose/WHY/mission statement ("Building a Global, Post-Harvest Quality Chain") and putting it as the main headline on the website. In combination with background animations. Congratulations!

    2. That's where my excitement ends. Everything below the "above the fold" area is a big mess and needs to be totally revamped.

    3. Company name and especially domain are good, but the logo is too complicated. To start, I would ditch the symbol from the logo and go only with typography. Instead of black, typography could be in golden crops color from the symbol. And also, this idea from symbol could be incorporated instead of a straight arrow. The arrow could follow the form of the symbol. I need someone to explain what was the idea behind the symbol because it's not obvious. And I would incorporate that idea into the logo.

    4. The Internet-of-Crops! You really have a branding guru in your team! Awesome idea! Again poorly represented. I would need to dig deep into text there and spend a lot of time thinking about presenting the product in the best possible way.

    5. Navigation somehow looks poor. It downgrades the product. Inner pages look like random text copy/pasted from the 90's print brochure.

    6. I will provide you with 3 offers below. With my standard offer, I would increase the conversion rate and user experience of a website. You will enjoy the financial benefits of it.

    7. If you want to move your business at least 10x forward. It would be my pleasure to spend a lot of time working together with your branding guru to make a world-class business from it. I have been doing these reviews for a long time. You are the first business that has that clear WHY (from From Simon Sinek's legendary talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp0HIF3SfI4). Executing that WHY in a smart website that communicates so simply what you are actually doing and why The Internet-of-Crops should be popular term as IoT, AI, Big Data and Blockchain is.

  • 1. Your test task is to prepare a similar custom review like the one from above for the following website: https://www.smyyth.com/

    2. Don't be afraid. Write in your own words what you think is wrong with the website and what would be your suggestions for improvements. We will score here your initiative, the effort you put in, your writting style and similar. If you have knowledge about those topics, great. If not, don't worry, we will teach you!

    3. Please also include your scores for all 5 categories at the top of the document.

    4. The idea is to explain to the client what is wrong with their website.

    Why the client needs a redesign and what kind of change we could make to it and how the changes could be valuable to the client.

    For example, the client would increase revenue with a new website.

    5. Please write at the top of the document how much time did you spend on this review.

    6. Please write down your review and email it studio@jobbrs.com with the subject line:
    Your Name and Surname - 206 Website Review