• These series of unfortunate events will pass. You can use your time in isolation wisely, learning how to work with Figma. A day before the pandemic outbreak, at least 500 people could have started working as a web designer for a monthly wage of 1,000 euros if they had skill working with Figma and experience in web design.

    The only industry working full speed during these troublesome times is web design.

    After the period of the economical crash, caused by the Covid-19 situation globally, the economy will start recovering slowly and a period of sudden growth will come, which will open the market for loads of new work. The only positive thing during these misfortunate times is a fact that so-called 'remote jobs' (done from home, from anywhere), will become even more acceptable and wanted among the employers.

    Some historical facts: For the last 20 years web design was done using Adobe Photoshop, which is too complicated to work with.

    Recently, a new tool called Figma appeared as a solution that drastically speeds up the website design process, works much faster and is straight forward to learn how to use.

    The trick is that your existing computer, worth a few hundred EUR, and your current internet connection will get the job done. Expect your free time, you don't have any other investments.

    You can go to figma.com and make a free account. The next step would be to open YouTube in the next tab and type in 'figma tutorial'. Look for a tutorial that looks interesting to you, follow the instructions provided by the instructor and literally make the same steps. Repeat the process until you learn how to use a tool, which might take a few months with a few hours a day of practicing.

    Except, if you are not in isolation and boredom is overtaking you. In that case, you can make this all in a drastically faster way.

    Here are a few good Figma tutorials:
    1. Beginner level (Notebook)
    2. Beginner level (Clothing store)
    3. Medium level (The Lamp)
    4. Medium level (Mobile)
    5. Expert level (Ninja)

    In a parallel with the tool (Figma), you should master the basics of good web design:
    1. Typography
    2. Layout
    3. Colors
    4. Contrasts
    5. Photo editing and manipulation

    The great thing is that on Youtube you can already find 'crash course' tutorials lasting for 5-6minutes, where, within 2% of the video you receive an explanation for 80% of the most important thing. Everything else can get mastered as you go.

    The third important thing related to web design are trends. You need to follow and be on time with the latest trends. You can go to Dribbble and make an account. At their homepage, you can find a selection of popular work examples, which refreshes on a daily base. To start with, you should follow these individuals and companies:
    1. Cuberto
    2. Taras Migulko
    3. Fireart
    4. Balkan Brothers
    5. Eddie Lobanovskiy
    6. Ueno
    7. Netguru
    8. Orizon
    9. uixNinja
    10. Ramotion

    That is it! After a few months, when you master everything and when the current happenings stabilize, feel free to contact us for a job. Stay safe and well!

    P.S. You can also try our test: A taste in a web design. It takes 5-10 minutes and it's great test to get idea about your natural or acquired taste in website design.