• Location: Banja Luka, RS or Remote (from your Home)

    Business hours: Fixed, Monday-Friday 14-22h CET Banja Luka

    Communication: English, Skype, Dropbox

    Type: full-time (8 hours daily)

  • Salary: Full-time (160 hours monthly)
    Start at 400 EUR
    Never working overtime and on weekends (Saturday, Sunday)
    Two weeks paid vacation
    6 paid days for holidays

    Payments: Weekly, each Monday
    Payment options: cash, Payoneer

  • Job description:

    1. The only requirement is that you are: intelligent, hard-working, proficient in English, and eager to learn. We will teach you the rest!

    2. We are a global web design company working exclusively with US-based clients. We are in business for 10 years..

    3. The QA - Website Review position:

    Your typical day at work would consist of working with our sales team and providing them with written reviews of the clients’ websites or web applications. Your task here would be to (in fluent written English) provide the team/client with suggestions on how to improve the user experience on the given website, increase the conversion rate and optimise the overall appearance and performance. Still, you would need to keep in mind that you are working with the sales team, and that the purpose of this review would mostly be selling our services to the client, which makes the tasks even more interesting.

    When not writing reviews for our potential clients, you would work with the current ones, where you would give a hand to our production and sales teams when it comes to satisfying all the clients’ requirements - deciding whether our designers did a good job, figuring out is there anything else that we could improve or, if you conclude that more can be done, write a proposal letter for a long term collaboration with one of our clients.

    Even if the description gives you the idea that advanced knowledge of web design is required, keep in mind that the whole process relies mostly on common sense and a logical thought process. 70% of this task can be done without any knowledge about web design and web development, which means that the only requirements are still those from point one of this description. Don’t worry about those 30% left either - we’ll teach you!

    Can you guess the right tone and approach not to offend the client, but to make them interested in our services? You can’t go too easy on them either, they’ll turn you down! If you think that you’d be able to find the right approach, proceed to the tests below.

    4. Advanced computer skills are more than welcome, but not necessary. By advanced computer skills we mean, you know how to set up and use Dropbox, connect to FTP server, do super simple change in a code editor, etc.

  • Hiring process:

    1. It is required to pass:

    206 Website Review (duration: 30 minutes or more)
    Your job is to review websites and suggest clients improvements that would increase conversion rates and user experience. The goal is to present to the client in no harsh voice what is wrong with their website.
    And after you send test results, please send us your CV with your photo too, as a reply to the email where you send test results.

    2. Shortlisted candidates can visit us in our office during our business hours, to see what we do and if it does work for you (duration of visit: 1 hour to 8 hours, depending on if you like it or not).

  • The tests will show you exactly how your typical working day would look like and what kind of tasks you would work on.