• Deadline:

    The duration of the test is not limited, but the recommended time is 4 hours. Of course, you can do it in less or more time. It's up to you.

    The duration of the test is not limited, but the recommended time is 4 hours. Of course, you can do it in less or more time. It's up to you.

    When to take the test: You can do the test when you wish, and email us the solution. Our recommendation is that you don't do it in one timeframe. Instead, separate it into various blocks. That's how we do it in our daily production. That way you can see if that kind of work dynamics fits you.

    Time tracking: please track it yourself

    You will NOT be paid for taking the test.
    Taking the test is free of charge, and anyone can do it.

  • This test task is in use since 2nd November, 2021.

    Our test assignments are only for testing purposes. We give you real work, that we completed months ago in-house. Your test work will not be shown or sold to any of our clients or any other third party. You don't own the design materials provided in the design test. They are owned by Jobbrs and cannot be distributed or used elsewhere, including other websites or Instagram pages.

  • TASK #1 (Estimated time: 4h)

    The designer provided us with a bunch of files prepared for our Instagram page. 127 items, to be more precise, contain examples of our Website, UI, and mobile design work.

    The goal is to create an amazing looking Instagram grid page! You will need to select the best-looking items from those files and sort them in the Instagram grid so it looks impressive.

    By Instagram grid, we mean the main Instagram page (i.e., https://www.instagram.com/bmw/) that contains a grid with 3 items in a row.

    You are not limited by a minimum or a maximum number of items in a grid. You can go with as many items as you want, as long as it looks awesome!

    You are not limited in the way you sort the items, as long as they look amazing!

    You've got it! No limits. as long as the final result looks amazing!

    You can download the collection of files there:
    Jobbrs-Instagram.zip (43 MB)

    Files are watermarked. That makes your job a bit more complicated, but it's also an additional test. Some work items look better watermarked, some great ones look less good, so you need to figure out which work items are the real gems.

  • 1. The final work you deliver should contain all the designs in a grid. Please deliver it as JPG/PNG file. We don't need the source file.

    2. If you don't know how to use some design tools like Photoshop or similar, you can upload the files to a fake Instagram account and send us a direct link to that fake Instagram account.

    3. Alternatively, you can use some tools for creating Instagram profiles and send us screenshots from those tools. That would also work.

    4. MOST IMPORTANT: Please do the test yourself. You would do this job on a daily basis, so the cheating does not make sense.

    5. If there are software tools that can help you sort the works, you are allowed to use them.

    6. Please email the solution to solutions@jobbrs.com

    7. Please send it as a direct Dropbox link or attached as JPG/PNG file.

    8. Please do not send the solution as Rapidshare or a similar service link.

    9. Please name the file in this format: Instagram_FirstName_LastName.png

    10. If you have any questions, please email them to studio@jobbrs.com