• Deadline:

    Test duration: not-specified, take as much time as you need.

    The test will show you exactly how your typical working day looks like and what kind of tasks you would work on.

    When to take test: You can do the test when you wish and email us the solution.

    Time tracking: please track it youself

    Unfortunately, while we pay for our other tests, this one would not be paid.
    Taking test is free of charge and anyone can do it.

  • This test task is in use since the 3rd of July, 2020.

    Below is an explanation of the situation and the type of response we are expecting. The more precise you are in answers, the better.

    The goal is to solve each situation. The more you solve, the better, of course. It’s better to completely solve only one situation, then providing half-ass answers for all of the situations.

    Take as much time as you need (it could be days), but track it honestly.
    The goal is always to deliver. Do whatever you need to do (as you don’t break the law, of course), to solve the situation.

    Research on Google, ask friends, acquire new skills, and knowledge… until you resolve it.

    What about finding someone else to solve tasks instead of you?
    EEven if you are a master delegator that could always find someone to do the task instead of you, please don't do it. We prefer that you do it yourself. Also from the confidentiality side, we like to leave things in the house.

    After you pass the test, you would be given literally middle-in-the-night test question over the phone where you would need to provide the answer yourself or find someone else, if you go cheating route, in a super short time frame.

    Answers in both: English or Serbian are welcome.

    Over the night, almost half of our clients started asking for design source files to be delivered in Sketch format. A sketch is design software that is compatible with Mac computers only, and all of our designers work on Windows computers. Half of our designers are based in Bosnia and the other half in Serbia. How should we solve this problem, while knowing that the Hackinoths is not a solution?

    1. We should purchase Mac computers for all of our designers.

    2. By getting insights about current prices on the market, we would get to a conclusion that used Mac computers are more cost-effective.

    3. We would ask company managers and designers what type of computer configuration would be the most suitable for their needs.

    4. We will eliminate Mac Mini due to its low performance comparing to its current market price.

    5. We will come to the conclusion that the best place for purchasing Mac computers in Serbia would be Mac Serbia Forum and in Bosnia that would be Pik.ba

    6. In comparison to Serbia, where we have a bigger market and more options to choose from, in Bosnia, we will concentrate on one small shop in Bugojno as a relevant source.

    7. In discussion with project managers and designers, we will come to the conclusion that the average budger per computer would be EUR 600

    8. We will narrow down the choice to computers that are a few years old but with a still good configuration for an iMac and MacBookPro computer.

    9. We will leave it to designers to make the final decisions on what suits them the best.

    10. We will leave it to designers to handle the ordering on their own, with prior consultations with us.

    [1.] Website development has stretched for more than a two months. The developer who is working on the project, has 10 other unfinished projects and is constantly switching from one to another, which is resulting in a delay with the above-mentioned website development project. What should be done in a situation like this one?

    [2.] We are in a need for a good WordPress developer. The salary that we are offering is EUR 1000,00, while, based on the information we have, the other (competitor) company is offering a salary of EUR 1300,00 for even less experienced and skilled WP developers. We don't want to change the starting salary we offer at the moment, what should we do in this scenario?

    [3.] We need a new working station in Banja Luka for 3 of our employees, with the possibility of expanding to 7-8 employees in total. What kind of working space would you be looking for us (what type, at what location, with what options, etc.)? When you define a suitable environment, where would you go and look for the available options?

    [4.] We need a hosting provider where we can host a lot of subdomains.

    [5.] We would like to build our custom CRM, but we don't have a free programmer who could work on the project, what platform would you suggest?

    [6.] Name the Bank that offers a remote account creation/activation, without actually visiting it.

    [7.] If you are having a monthly budge of USD $1000 for business development, how would you spend it?

    [8.] If you have a yearly budget of USD $50,000 from profit to diversify into something else, what would that be?

    Please email the solution in TXT, Word or PDF format to solutions@jobbrs.com
    If you have any questions, please email them to studio@jobbrs.com