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    Test duration: not-specified, take as much time as you need.

    The test will show you exactly how your typical working day looks like and what kind of tasks you would work on.

    When to take test: You can do the test when you wish and email us the solution.

    Time tracking: please track it youself

    Unfortunately, while we pay for our other tests, this one would not be paid.
    Taking test is free of charge and anyone can do it.

  • This test task is in use since the 3rd of July, 2020.

    Answer as many questions as you can. Take as much time as you need. Answers in both: English or Serbian are welcome. ELI5 format of answers is preferred.

  • 1. What is the problem with hey.com email app?

    2. What is a possible market for the hey.com email app?

    3. What Ilija Studen did wrong with activeCollab business?

    4. Which person from present times is comparable to Alexander the Great and why?

    5. Why Google became Alphabet?

    6. Why Facebook reorganizes into: Facebook (company), Facebook (App), Instagram from Facebook and WhatsApp from Facebook?

    7. ELI5: Middle East situation.

    8. ELI5: What does shorting on stock exchange mean?

    9. You favorite character from Billions and why?

    10. Why AdWords and Facebook Ads have super complicated UX to use?

    11. Is Nikola Mitrovic the best guitarist of ex-YU rock’n’roll? And if not, why?

    12. Why Vojislav Seselj did not pass the 3% census in Serbian elections in 2020?

    13. Your favorite parts from the Art of War.

    14. What are some of your favorite thinking methods?

    15. Some of you favorite productivity methods and tips?

    16. How tourist industry could be diversified in the case of a situation similar to Covid-19?

    17. What is booking.com doing well?

    18. Why is Tinder successfull?

    19. Why is Instagram good?

    20. What is design thinking?

    21. What is wrong in Basecamp philosophy?

    22. Why iPhones between iPhone 6 and iPhone 11 all look the same?

    23. What Nikola Tesla did wrong?

    24. Why is Audi boring and BMW fun?

    25. How Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world?

    26. Who is the richest person in the history of the world?

    27. How would you hire a tiler for your bathroom adaptation?

    28. How would you delegate supervision of construction works at a villa project?

    29. What pik.ba did wrong?

    30. Where would you invest 1,000,000,000 dollars?

    31. Where would you invest 1,000,000 dollars?

    32. Where would you invest 100,000 dollars?

    33. Where would you invest 10,000 dollars?

    34. Where would you invest 1,000 dollars?

    35. Where would you invest 100 dollars?

    36. Where would you invest 10 dollars?

    37. Where would you invest 1 dollar?

    38. Did Mercedes ruin their brand?

    39. What is the biggest surprise you saw in the Internet business? Something you never ever expected?

    Please email the solution in TXT, Word or PDF format to solutions@jobbrs.com