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    #1 TASK Home page concept 4h

    Task: Please look at this website.

    We would like to create for them the most stunning and wow tour operator website here in Namibia and would need a design for this.

    > Could you please give input and examples of websites you like?

    Here is the problem, there is actually none we have in Namibia that is great in any way. They are all crap.

    You can look at many pages on how I not would like to do it:

    What we are addressing is the Stage 1 of the Traveler. DREAMING. (http://visitcairngorms.com/assets/files/Gordon_Black_DTS.pdf)

    Namibia is an Itinerary Destination. That means people travel 2-3 weeks and driving 10-15 locations and accommodations either by self drive or in a guided tour, private or in a bus. That is very different to resort destinations like Mauritius where you go to a specific Hotel/Resort for a week and don't care about the country. Here people come to see the many hotspots and all of them are wow. That is what we need to push in the front.

    When you go to the tour finder of newafricanfrontiers.com you can select what you desire, what destination and for how long. This already selects relevant itinerary tours for the traveler. However, in the future we would like to make this even easier and more seamless by adding natural language programming and voice for people to just say what they want and the system selects itineraries that fit.

    > Could you please provide your logo in AI, EPS or PSD format?

    It would be the New African Frontiers Logo. This is the only thing tat does exists. Please see attached. Maybe it is even better to take this from the website or reconstruct.

    > Could you please share all the additional information which you consider essential for this project?

    What we do need to put in the forefront, stunning images of the destinations and its hotspots.

    (We will have a dynamic URL dictating image, headline, subline and tours selected) you can already see on their old website.
    This will be aligned with Google Adwords campaigns to be a proper landing page.

    The other is the vast experience of the team and the existence of the company for xx years plus the in destination knowledge which is unrivaled.

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