• Deadline:

    Test duration: 5 hours

    The test will show you exactly how your typical working day looks like and what kind of tasks you would work on.

    When to take test: You can do the test when you wish and email us the solution. Our recommendation is that you do it in one, 4 hours long period. That's how we do it in our daily production. That way you can see if that kind of work dynamics fits you.

    Time tracking: please track it youself

    If you pass the test, you would be paid for taking the test.
    If you do not pass the test, you would NOT be paid fo taking test.
    Taking test is free of charge and anyone can do it.

  • This test task is in use since 22nd October, 2021.
    (Previous test that was in use since 17th February, 2021 is archived here. Even older test that was in use since 19th December, 2017 is archived here.)

    Our test assignments are only for testing purposes. We give you real client work, that we completed months ago for a client. Your test work will not be shown or sold to any of our clients or any other third party. We do not own copyright over your test work. You own all legal copyright over your test work and you can do whatever you want with it.

  • Please choose between two tests: HOMEPAGE DESIGN TEST (5 hours) or DASHBOARD DESIGN TEST (5 hours). Please do one of them only, not both! Please use Figma, Photoshop, Adobe XD or Sketch.

    1. HOMEPAGE DESIGN TEST (duration: 5 hours)

    Please find below the homepage content for a company we named TEST:

    Below you can find the main info you need to make a design, some of the info uses placeholder copy, some of it does not.

    For the info you do not have, but think there should be an image or a logo, use placeholders.

    Colors: Black, white, #315666, #2BC271 and #FF8668.

    2. DASHBOARD DESIGN TEST (duration: 5 hours)

    Please find below the dashboard mockup

    Please redesign what you see on the screen using some placeholder information. We do not need any specific UX changes, if you can propose, that is okay, but it is not mandatory.

    What we need is UI so, user-friendly, corporate design which will display all the elements you see above.

    Examples that the client likes:

    No requirements regarding typography, we would like to see your suggestions.

    Regarding the colors, some blue calm tones or if you have any other suggestions feel free to propose them.

  • Please email the solution to solutions@jobbrs.com as:

    - PNG or JPG format
    - Width 1440px
    - ArtDirector_FirstName_LastName.png
    - As a Dropbox link or as an email attachment
    - Add to email: links to your Dribbble and Behance

    For Dropbox links, please use the converter:

    Please DO NOT:

    - Send us the solution as ZIP, RAR, Figma, PSD, Sketch, XD, AI, or PDF files
    - Send files smaller or larger than 1440px
    - Send the solution as a Google Drive File

    All answers to your questions are in this brief document. Do whatever you think is the right thing to do. Good luck!