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The test will show you exactly how your typical working day looks
like and what kind of tasks you would work on.

You can do the test when you wish and email us the solution.
Our recommendation is that you do it in one, 3 hours long period.
That's how we do it in our daily production.
That way you can see if that kind of work dynamics fits you.

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3 hours

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Please track it youself for your own reference.

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If you pass the test, you would be paid for taking the test.
If you do not pass the test, you would NOT be paid fo taking test. Taking test is free of charge and anyone can do it.

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Coding skills are NOT required

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This test task is in use since 14th October, 2021.
Our test assignments are only for testing purposes. We give you real client work, that we completed months ago for a client. Your test work will not be shown or sold to any of our clients or any other third party. We do not own copyright over your test work. You own all legal copyright over your test work and you can do whatever you want with it.

We are looking to improve Commenting functionality within our software and are looking for a Figma design and prototype showcasing the improvements based on list of our requirements.

Here is the Figma file containing the current design:

List of requirements:
- Make the comment posting box more cohesive, so all of the elements are part of the same action (notify, post button, period, etc.)

- Feel free to add, remove, or move elements within the Comments area.

Bonus points: Provide written explanation on why have you made those decisions

- Mock up 'real life' example where there are existing comments under the new one to be posted.

- Adjust color on UI elements vs. data

- Pre-check (include by default) names for Regional & Property Manager within the Notify functionality

Final output: Figma Prototype

We are looking for homepage wireframe design.

Current website URL:

Brand guidelines:

Elements needed for the homepage design:

Final output: Figma Prototype

Please email the solution to as:
✔ The solution should be delivered as Figma Prototype.
✔ We do NOT need your source file.
✔ Please do NOT send it as a Google Drive file.
✔ Please send it as direct Figma Prototype link
✔ Please do not send solution as Rapidshare or similar service link.
✔ Please name file in this format: UX_FirstName_LastName.

If you have any questions, please email them to