• Location: Remote (you are working from home)

    Business hours: Fixed, Monday-Friday (Not working on Saturday and Sunday)

    9am-3pm BRT São Paulo
    14-22h CET Belgrade
    15-23h Kiev/Kyiv
    16-24h Moscow

    Communication: English, Skype (text messages only), Dropbox

    You will never communicate directly with the clients and we would never call you to talk with you, so text messages are fine. If your English level is not good, read the test assignments. If you can understand it, you are good to go.

    Tools: Figma, XD, Photoshop, Sketch (expert level)

    HTML/CSS/JS: Coding skills are NOT required

    Type: full-time (8 hours daily)

    Freelancers or weekend-only projects: We are NOT open for freelance projects or weekend-only projects.

  • Salary: Full-time (160 hours monthly)
    First 3 months: 800 EUR
    After 3 months: 900 EUR
    After 6 months: 1000 EUR
    After 12 months: 1100 EUR

    Payments: Weekly, each Monday
    Payment options: Payoneer, Skrill, wire transfer, local payment options (if applicable)

    Clients: USA based - Udemy, GitLab, zoom.us, CrazyEgg, Tim Ferris, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Audi, Lufthansa, Mastercard

  • Job description:

    The best way is to apply for the test. The test will show you exactly how your typical working day looks like and what kind of tasks you would work on.

    We are looking for a person who gets things fast and works fast. A typical workday consists of working on 10 different smaller clients during 8 hours. We are looking for a designer who can quickly make a decent solution. We're not looking for an art director. You can work from anywhere (No physical offices. Working remotely.)

    You will work on other people's creative concepts, and excellent design is not needed. This kind of tempo requires great deal of independence. You don't have time to ask the manager about every detail. An account manager makes work easy for you: communicates with the client, delivers the briefing, PSD files, logotypes, etc. Knowledge of contemporary web design trends is a must! You can do test anytime you wish.

    If you pass the test, we will pay for it and set up Skype call.

    To apply for a test, click on a big orange button at top or bottom of this page.

    Due to a large number of applications, unfortunately, we do not have skilled resources to do pre-test phone interview with all of the applicants.

    Unfortunately, we cannot hire you based only on the quality of your portfolio. Our test assignments are only for testing purposes. We give you real client work, that we completed months ago for a client. Your test work will not be shown or sold to any of our clients or any other third party. We do not own copyright over your test work. You own all legal copyright over your test work and you can do whatever you want with it.

    An employment contract can be signed upon your request.

  • The test will show you exactly how your typical working day looks like and what kind of tasks you would work on.